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The Problem

ChildcareAware of America wanted to build a migration process for moving applications from on-premises data centers into an AWS Foundational environment.


Migrating to the cloud poses several issues for companies. They must choose between security, allowing their developers to innovate quickly, and determining the complexity of establishing a cloud-first culture and procedure.


The Process:-



If one refuses to get to the source of the problem, they will never be able to solve it. We are aware of these phenomena and, as a result, we always prefer to conduct an extensive study before recommending a solution to a client. As a result, we initially attempted to identify the root reason before moving on to implementing our methods.

The strategy

Our objective was to provide the most satisfactory possible service for the organization. As a result, we choose the best tools to make the whole system run smoothly.




The migration process

The three-phase migration procedure is meant to assist your company in migrating thousands of apps. The complete array of AWS migration solution tooling ecosystems automates and accelerates each stage of the three-phase migration process with intelligent recommendations based on AWS machine learning.




The three phases:-



At the outset of your journey, you examine your organization’s present readiness for cloud operations. You must significantly determine the intended company goals and establish a migration planning case.


A solid migration strategy begins with understanding application interdependencies and assessing migration solutions to fulfill your planning application objectives. Collecting application portfolio data and rationalizing apps using the seven main migration strategies: relocate, rehost, refactor, repurchase, retire, replatform, or retain is an integral part of your migration plan.

Migrate and modernize

Each application is designed, migrated, and validated throughout the migration and modernized process.

You iterate on your new foundation, turn off old systems, and constantly progress toward a modern operating model while migrating to AWS. As you transfer more apps, your operational model evolves into an agile set of people, processes, and technology.


Cybernodes built a landing zone, assessed applications for migration, and developed migration planning waves. Cybernodes will be assisting ChildcareAware of America in the application migration following the planning workstreams.