The Problem

FitFriendMe is a startup in health and wellness category and they had a mobile application which was developed in Native iOS and Android and it was expensive and time consuming to manage different code base for different mobile and web platform for a startup company and they have consulted CyberNodes and we have guided them to adopt technology which will be cost effective and easier to manage.


Bring mobile and web in same code based with additional feature in mobile app.

The Process Analysis

If you don’t address the core of the problem, you’ll never be capable of solving it. We like to do a comprehensive study before proposing a solution to a client because we are aware of these events. Consequently, before applying our approaches, we first tried to figure out the critical requirement of the company.

The strategy

Our focus was to provide the most quality services to the organization. We choose the best equipment to ensure that the entire system is working for them.



Permeates every aspect of life, providing numerous benefits in terms of flexibility, storage, sharing, and maintenance, among other things.

The distribution of on-demand resources like servers, databases, software, and over the internet is referred to as cloud computing.

It also enables the creation, design, and management of client-side users’ unnecessary apps and interfaces for the cloud-based service.



  • Mobile App design.
  • Mobile App development.
  • Payment integration.


  • Its job is to allocate specialized resources to specific tasks while also performing numerous cloud-related operations.
  • It aids in the management of application, task, service, security, data storage, and cloud infrastructure components.


  • The security of back-end cloud infrastructure is crucial.
  • End-users have access to secure cloud resources, systems, files, and infrastructure.



Since FitFriendMe is a startup, they looked for Mobile Application at a very reasonable cost. Cybernodes has a special package to help startups get Mobile Application service at a very affordable cost without compromising the quality of service. Cybernodes also have an affordable package to provide ongoing managed service to startups and allow them to focus on the product instead of getting distracted from their skills and resources on operational tasks.